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A 3-day LIVE and interactive workshop where you'll learn the step-by-step formula to 3X your ad spend using the ultimate weapon for eCommerce advertising: Google Smart Shopping. Absolutely FREE! ($995 value)

A Three-Day Interactive Challenge | May 10th - 12th

Brought to You By The Top Ranked Google Ads Agency: Solutions 8

We Challenge You:

Turn Your Shopify Store into a Money Printing Machine

Do you own a Shopify store?

This challenge was designed specifically for you.

A Google Ads "Smart Shopping" campaign is easily the single greatest opportunity facing Shopify store owners. Google will (quite literally) seek out people it knows will buy your products. It is amazing, and we've seen phenomenal success with it.

The problem? It's almost impossible to figure out unless you've spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours tinkering with it.

...which we have ;-)

And we're going to share everything we learned with you!

In just three days, you’ll learn how to build a Google Ads campaign that brings in a 300% ROAS, all from the greatest minds in the Google Ads industry: John Moran and Kasim Aslam.

(We’ll talk about them in a minute. But first…)


1. Sign up to participate by May 10th.

2. Receive three days of LIVE interactive training from Google Ads masterminds, John Moran and Kasim Aslam

3. With expert guidance, build your own Google Ads Smart Shopping campaign, using their proven template for success (no really, it’s proven to work).

4. Triple (that's 3X!) your return on ad spend.

But heads up! This challenge is time-sensitive.

Join for FREE ($995 value) | LIVE 3-day training begins May 10th!

Ready to See Real Results?

355% Return On Ad Spend

$9,084 spent

$32,253 PROFIT

318% Return On Ad Spend

$2,129 spent

$6,780 PROFIT

629% Return On Ad Spend

$51,320 spent

$322,880 PROFIT

314% Return On Ad Spend

$3,990 spent

$12,535 PROFIT

514% Return On Ad Spend

$1,875 spent

$9,643 PROFIT

826% Return On Ad Spend

CA$3,654 spent

CA$30,210 PROFIT

316% Return On Ad Spend

$9,328 spent

$29,551 PROFIT

342% Return On Ad Spend

$8,103 spent

$27,251 PROFIT


3 days of LIVE training from the world authorities on paid traffic.

May 10th - 12th


#1. 3 Days of LIVE & Interactive Training

Real-time training sessions with Google Ads experts John Moran (Chief Strategist for the top ranked Google Ads agency in the Country) and Kasim Aslam (DigitalMarketer's ELITE Traffic Coach).

During these live sessions, John and Kasim will guide you through building a successful Ads campaign from start to finish using their proven process.

#2. Google Ads Workbook

These training sessions are packed full of valuable information. So trying to take notes and soak it all in could be tough.

That’s why we’ll provide a Google Ads workbook that includes everything you need to replicate John and Kasim’s proven template—so you won’t miss a thing.

#3. Access to the Private Facebook Community

During this challenge, you'll be part of an incredible group of like-minded entrepreneurs, committed to growing their businesses. We like to call this the ultimate support group.



Chief Strategist at Solutions 8

Manages $3.5 million in Google Ad spend

Oversees 130+ clients in Google Ads

Has achieved ROAS goals well over 9,000%

Author of The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Google Ads Agency

Amazon Best Seller


Founder & CEO of Solutions 8

One of the Top 50 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders in the Country (UMSL)

DigitalMarketer.com's ELITE Traffic Coach

Author of the #1 Bestseller The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing

Listed on Book Authority's "Top 100 Marketing Books of All Time"

Interactive Person Of The Year | AZIMA

Traffic & Conversions Speaker


Three days to build a bullet-proof Google Ads Smart Shopping campaign that will triple your ROAS (return on ad spend), with interactive guidance from Google Ads experts.

When We Say “Proven,” We Mean It


(Yup, it's the same template we’ll share with you during our challenge)

1,150% Return On Ad Spend

$17,585 spent

$202,300 PROFIT

Medical Devices

916% Return On Ad Spend

$9,988 spent

$91,528 PROFIT

Online Shoe Retailer

3,708% Return On Ad Spend

$11,625 spent

$431,108 PROFIT

Personal Care Products

2,154% Return On Ad Spend

$13,280 spent

$286,128 PROFIT

Food Processing Equipment

1,113% Return On Ad Spend

$18,175 spent

$202,431 PROFIT

Wallets, bags, belts, & accessories

665% Return On Ad Spend

$5,798 spent

$38,428 PROFIT


839% Return On Ad Spend

$9,969 spent

$83,872 PROFIT

Sporting Equipment

1,675% Return On Ad Spend

$6,792 spent

$113,806 PROFIT

Specialty Jackets

1,194% Return On Ad Spend

$789 spent

$15,957 PROFIT

Botique Clothing

You Shouldn't Sign Up for the Challenge If...

• You aren't on Shopify (this is a Shopify specific course)

• A 300% ROAS won't make you profitable (thin margins)

• You can't afford to spend at least $2,000 a month in ad spend

• You can't afford to run for a full 90 days

Real People, Real Results!

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What You’ll Get From This Challenge

• 3 days of LIVE interactive training

Coaching from two of the world’s foremost Google Ads experts, with over 15 years of experience

A step-by-step template to build your own Google Ads Smart Shopping campaign

• Access to a private Facebook group of motivated, like-minded entrepreneurs

• A Google Ads workbook that includes everything you need to replicate our process, so you don’t miss a thing during the live training sessions

• A boost to your ROAS and Shopify store revenue


It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You work so hard to build your business:

Sourcing and creating products.

Building your Shopify store.

Setting up fulfillment.

And on top of everything else, you’re expected to run online ads like a certified pro.

But you don’t have to be a digital marketing expert to build a crazy profitable Google Ads campaign.

In fact, I’m here to tell you there’s a process you can follow that works.


Before I explain, I’ll introduce myself: I'm John Moran. I’m the Chief Strategist at Solutions 8, the world's best Google Ads Agency.

(If you don't believe me, Google "Best Google Ads Agency" and see who comes up. Seriously, try it!)

Because of my position, I have the opportunity to see thousands of traffic campaigns: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Now, it’s easy to see trends in successful campaigns.

But when I studied eCommerce campaigns specifically, I noticed a pattern that blew me away:

Every successful online store followed nearly the exact same template.

That's a really bold claim, I know. But I tested my theory—and I don't mean once or twice. Dozens of times.

And with each test, the template became more clear. The best part? I can prove it.

As much as I’d like to say I invented this template, I didn’t. There was a clear pattern that surfaced naturally; I was just lucky enough to spot it.

And that’s exactly what I’ll share with you during this three-day challenge:

The proven model to run a high-converting traffic campaign for Shopify stores.

What would a predictable and scalable selling machine mean for your business?

Let's get started. I'm excited to see you on the other side.

John Moran

Chief Strategist

Solutions 8

Now’s your chance: Build an online campaign that TRIPLES each dollar you put in, with expert guidance and a proven template for FREE ($995 value!)

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Disclaimer: All sales figures included belong to Solutions 8 and clients of Solutions 8. These real references are for inspirational purposes. Results are not guaranteed; however, we can guarantee to provide all the information you need to build a successful campaign. Individual results will vary and depend on many factors, including (but not limited to) your background, experience, and work ethic.

Please only join this challenge or apply to work with Solutions 8 if you are ready to put in the work. The results will follow.

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