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3X Freedom isn’t really a business (yet). Honestly, it’s more of a dream. I’ll explain…

I spent the last decade of my life building one of the best ad agencies in the world, something I’m infinitely proud of. I was approached by a software company who was acquiring agencies and, the next thing I know, I’ve sold my business. This was October of 2022. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s next ever since.

3x Freedom is my holding company. It stands for the three dimensions of freedom: Time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom. I have been blessed with 3x Freedom, and what a blessing it is. I can do what I want, when I want, from where I want.

My new goal in life is to help as many people as I possibly can achieve 3x Freedom, especially people in emerging nations. I was born in a country with no shortage of opportunities. I feel it’s my responsibility to help make those opportunities available to people who weren’t quite as lucky as me.

I’ll spend the rest of my life building businesses focused on this goal. What I really need is a team of truly epic people who can help me with this goal.

Does that sound like you? If so, please checkout our open positions below:

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Senior Financial Analyst

Help us scale by overseeing our entities and portfolio. If you are an economist or accountant with experience with the U.S. regulatory system do not miss the chance to apply!


Are you detail-oriented, assertive and a great storyteller? Help us write the next best seller in business! Apply today for a position to explore a universe of different topics to write about.

Creative Designer

Help us create a community with organic growth on the most popular social media platforms! We are looking for a candid and creative expert that can help us elevate our profiles. Apply today!

Executive Assitant

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur and are looking for your next quantum leap this is your opportunity! We need the best Executive Assistant in the world: You will be working hand by hand with the CEOs of 8 figure companies from North America and help them growth exponentially.

Tech Lead

Lets create the next unicorn together! At 3x Freedom we have an endless supply of great ideas and the capital to make them happened. We just need YOU to help us find the best ways of bringing them to life.

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Disclaimer: All job posted are 100% remote and subject to a 60 days paid trial period. 3x Freedom is based out of Scottsdale, AZ and operates under the U.S Law.

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